Hello, meet Anj!

Hello! It’s my first time to put up a blog. And as a man of my words, I devoted myself into keeping one of my new year’s resolutions real–try to learn and acquire new things. ☺

And unlike any other, I don’t want to have a blog that’s trying to please anyone. For me, I don’t care if someone reads my entries or if anyone knows I have a blog and if they do, I don’t mind if my entries are somehow crap or doesn’t have that blogger feels.


Having a blog, to me, it sounds like having an online journal. Keeping life’s little moments be remembered. And as a nostalgic person, I love throwback-ing whenever I feel like it. So yeah, I don’t know if I would let anyone know I have this,  siguro, basta, pero ‘di pa siguro ngayon. ☺

I hope I’d be active here and would be posting more. So that’s my first entry, ’til next time! Ciao~